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Gas Street Social: Clover Club

Gas Street Social, where the toast is cheap and the mimosas bottomless.

It’s taken me far too long to get to Gas Street Social and I don’t know why. Gas Street Social is situated at the back of the Mail Box in Birmingham and I believe it is owned by the same guy that owns the cocktail school I trained at (Adam Freeth), so I had high expectations and I wasn’t disappointed.

The interior is casual and comfortable, with self-service toast at £3 per table and bottomless mimosas for £18 each. The food is great, but I did find it a little pricey and the menu a little confusing, but hey, you can just eat the toast and save your budget for the booze. This place has definitely taken inspiration from other popular ‘social’ kind of bars, with wooden seats that wouldn’t be out of place in a school of the 70s, as well as shelves made from scaffolding and Victorian subway tiles behind the bar, but I’m cool with all that.

Having read in Imbibe Magazine a few months ago that the Clover Club could be a contender for the ‘new Mojito’ crown, I had to try one (yep, this was my first). This is a gin based drink with raspberry and egg white to give it the texture of a cloud. Egg white cocktails aren’t for everyone, but I really think the frothiness adds a different dimension. However, I think the eggy addition will limit its appeal. I think people enjoy the interactivity of a Mojito as you can jab it with the straw aggressively. Saying that though, this drink was superb, perfectly mixed, light, not too sweet, with an attractive, tart zing. But don’t take my word for it. Head for Gas Street Social and try for yourself.

If you’d prefer to / also like to make you own Clover Club, Imbibe have a recipe right here.

Enjoy drinks, of course, responsibly.

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