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UPDATE: Perfect Rum Punch Recipe

Need a perfect rum punch recipe? Or just need a really easy cocktail recipe to impress your friends. Well, you’ve come to the right place. We have one amazing rum punch recipe from our favourite Caribbean restaurant in Moseley, Birmingham, the Carib Grill (don’t judge them on their website).

We love the owner, Clyde, who hails from Barbados and on the back of his business card he has a recipe for rum punch that we have tried and tested. This rum punch was actual one of the few drinks I served at my recent house warming party, along with Prosecco and rum jelly shots, I also made up a few quick batches at my friend’s Alice in Wonderland party, where we were drinking out of teapots.

The ratios are simple to remember and strike the perfect balance, plus there is the flexibility to customise too. You could experiment with different spirits, but so far we haven’t.

So, what is the recipe? It’s easy:

Serving Suggestion: In a jar, with loads of ice and some accessories.

The Perfect Rum Punch Recipe

  • 1 part sour
  • 2 parts sweet
  • 3 parts strong
  • 4 parts week

Serve with fruit, ice and accessories as desired!

Recommendations For Ingredients

Sour – Lemon or lime juice

Sweet – Sugar syrup or any flavoured syrup type liquid (we used a peach syrup from France – Sirop de peche)

Strong – Any type of rum, dark, light, spiced, over-proof (Wray & Nephews). Use all the same or mix them together

Weak – Fruit juice, any; Traditional is orange and pineapple, but cranberry, mango, maybe apple, who knows – go crazy!

Let me know if you try out this out. But be warned, this stuff goes down very easily and can be rather potent, so take it easy, sailor!

*UPDATE – This is a great rum punch recipe, it’s easy and you’ll love it, but I’ve just come back from the Caribbean and this isn’t quite what the Bajans (people of Barbados) are concocting over there. I’m working on it though and expect to have an updated recipe for you soon.* 

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