Cocktail Jo

Gas Street Social: Clover Club

It's taken me far too long to get to Gas Street Social and I don't know why. Gas [...]

Tennessee Breakfast: Created by me!

I made a cocktail! I am a big Jack Daniels fan. It's got that kind of smoky, sweet [...]

The Chase Marmalade Vodka Cosmopolitan – Marmapolitan

Seriously, if you can get hold of this marmalade vodka, this recipe will blow your mind! It's lower [...]

Difford’s Guide: Bank Holiday Bajan Passion

bajan passion cocktail with passionfruit and rum

I'm not quite sure how I ended up with quite so many passionfruits. I thought I used up [...]

Difford’s Guide: Pornstar Martini – More Star, Less Porn

Pornstar Martini in a daiquiri glass with passionfruit garnish

Don't let the name of this drink, pornstar martini, put you off, it's a real gem. I left [...]

The Nautilus

I sometimes forget how much I love tequila, especially since I started shilling out a little more to [...]

Green Fairy Absinthe Cocktail = Win!

Green Fairy Absinthe Cocktail

This absinthe cocktail is like drinking a green cloud. While the absinthe flavour is naturally the most prominent [...]

Bourbon Milk Punch

This cocktail got 4.5 stars in the Difford's Guide and it was terrible. I am officially ignoring the [...]

Bourbon Hot Toddy To Soothe Your Throat & Your Soul!

Bourbon Hot Toddy

I am ill. I have been ill for about a week now, but it's not the kind of [...]

Cham 69 #1/ Cherry Bakewell Tart Cocktail

Cham 69 #1 Cocktail Garnished with cherry

Did I ever write about that time I bought a load of jam in a quest to make [...]

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